• Tea Bag Your Plants!

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  • Defends Against Unwanted Pests

    Sustainable Teas coat plant leaves with beneficial microbes, allowing the plant to defend itself by making it more difficult for pests and pathogens to attach.

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  • Cycles From Plant Back To Soil

    Plant leaves treated with Sustainable Teas Decompose in the soil quicker, strengthening future plants, and reducing watering requirements.

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  • Keeps Soil Hydrated Longer

    Sustainable Teas contains microorganisms which feed beneficial critters which create pathways in the soil that help hold more water.

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Enhances The Taste Of Fruits And Vegetables

  • 0% Chemicals

    Safe For People And Pets

  • 100% Natural

    Completely Natural And Organic

  • 100% Fruitful

    Creates Healthier Plants And Better Yields

Compost tea has been shown to help in plant disease suppression, extending root systems, increasing water and nutrient retention, and even helps break down the existing toxins in the soil and on the plants.

Standing ovation! It’s only been a couple of weeks since we treated our front lawn with your compost tea and already our neighbors are calling to ask what we’re doing to make our lawn look so great. It’s a miracle. I can’t thank you enough.”

T.J. Towers

You’re Behind The Game If You’re Not Using Our Compost Tea.

Try Our Compost Tea Yourself And You’ll Soon See Why…

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